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Acyrlic bong vs Glass Bongs Pros and Cons


What pastime can be better than leaning back on your comfortable sofa and taking a rip from a bong? Surely none! Today’s market is filled with many bongs offered in diverse shapes, materials, and other features. And if you are to buy one yet can’t distinguish whether to pick up a glass or an acrylic bong, we are here to help you. Let’s review each type separately with their pros and cons.

Acrylic Bongs

What strikes the eye first in an acrylic bong is its superior durability. Manufacturers use mass product plastic as the basic material for these bongs to keep the cost down while providing much more than simply a decent quality. No longer will you worry about the “destiny” of your bong once there is a party at your place! Besides, these products require quite little maintenance. Perhaps the main point that repels users is the quality of smoke. Users of big acrylic bongs state that the smoke turns out to be harsher than that produced by glass bongs. So, let’s sum up the pros and cons of acrylic bongs:



  • affordable price
  • high durability
  • funny designs available
  • easy maintenance


  • cheap feel and look
  • produced smoke is harsh

Glass Bongs

Glass bongs are widely appreciated among real bong enthusiasts. These products might be more expensive and fragile than acrylic ones, yet realizing you have a real superior glass bong that will produce smooth smoke, is definitely worth everything. Be sure, your glass bong will become the treasure of any party you organize as the experience and feel it gives can’t be compared to those provided by any other bong. So, here are the man advantages and disadvantages of glass bongs:

  • superior look
  • premium quality feel
  • produces smooth smoke


  • high price
  • fragility
  • difficult maintenance

So, we see that the major difference between glass and acrylic bongs is the quality and practicality. If you are after something cheap and practical an acrylic bong is a perfect option. For enjoying the best smoke, meanwhile, a glass bong is a must-have.


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