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Delivery Time & Cost

Gear’s estimated delivery time and shipping fees vary by country. We aim to deliver all orders within 3 to 4 business days worldwide, but many countries are eligible for next-day and two-day delivery. Please see below for more information.

Europe 1-4 business days West, North & South EU countries: Free delivery
East EU & non-EU countries: Free delivery on orders over €100
North-America 1-5 business days USA: Free delivery
Canada: Free delivery on orders over $500
South-America 3-5 business days $35
Middle-East 2-3 business days Between $15 and $35
Asia 3-5 business days Between $15 and $35
China: ¥120
Oceania 3-4 business days $25
Africa 3-4 business days Free delivery

Your products will be delivered through high-end courier services. After your order is dispatched, you will receive an automated email with a track & trace number so you can easily track your package.

Our shipping fees always include customs duties and import taxes. Please note that delivery to remote areas may take a day or two longer.